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American Stitchco Inc. started with four sewing machine operators over 30 years ago and today has over 300 associates.

We are located in Mountain Home, Arkansas, a short overnight truck trip to two thirds of our country.

We have always been 100% American made.

Quality is our most important product, which along with customer service, we think explains our long term relationships with our customers. Our first customers are still with us!

We directly support our customers in their effort to bring the best products to market, and we do not compete with them in the aftermarket or otherwise. We are manufacturers not retailers.

As you can see from our website, we work in a diverse range of products using a various materials and equipment.

We have substantial facilities and equipment, but our team is our most significant asset.

Many in our leadership team have been with us for a long time. Likewise, many of our production associates have been with us a long time. Associate turnover is low after associates have been with us for a while.

We take the long term view in supporting our customers. A customer’s emergency is our emergency. We try to be as competitive as possible hoping to grow with our customer.

We started as an OEM supplier to one automaker and eventually have served over ten automakers. As shown on our website, we have all the quality certifications (third party quality audits) that go along with that, and we believe in the process and procedures required by these certifications.

We have taken our automotive experience and in the last 15 years diversified into all types of sewing and ancillary production. In addition to automotive, we currently also make apparel, baby reusable diapers, pillows, industrial cleaning products, commercial watering mats, sporting goods and a number of specialty products, including cargo bags for the International Space Station..

We also offer fulfillment/distribution services to our manufacturing customers and others.

We welcome all new opportunities, whether large or small, and look forward to adding each new customer. Come join us!