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Winter Mask for Ram Truck

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Available to cut and sew the following, and related products:

  • Over 30 years supplier of OEM automotive production parts and accessories (masks, cargo liners, storage bags, seat covers, car/cab covers, luggage carriers, tire covers, grab handles, fabric and leather consoles, emergency kits, security covers, sun shades, tool bags, cabanas etc.).
  • OEM aerospace storage bags and laboratory equipment.
  • Pillows, including nursing and child play pillows.
  • Re-usable diapers (bright fabrics, snaps/Velcro, pockets with absorbent pads)
  • Apparel (shirts/blouses, including uniforms, sport coats, pants, skirts, vests)
  • Weapon covers (scope and rifle protection) and hunting and fishing gear.
  • Watering mats
  • Various bags, protective items, hail protection
  • Virtually, anything cut and sewn, large or small projects, light to heavy sewing, embroidery, screen printing, heat sealing.

Certified for TS-16949, ISO-9000, ISO-14001, Ford Q1 and Lockheed Martin Space Operations quality programs.

Up to date manufacturing and factory support equipment.

Over 660,000 square feet of facilities.

Full function design department.

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