Automated Sewing Machine

Gassville Stitchco Plant

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Our facilities have grown to over 660,000 square feet, with potential for more.

We have hundreds of many types of sewing equipment; all are state of the art with computerized features.

We have a number of computerized cutting systems which take digitized patterns and create perfect cut parts.

Besides sewing, we have a significant amount of screen printing, RF heat sealing, embroidery, and pillow blowing equipment, as well as hot air sealing and sonic welding and cutting.

Substantial space is available for assembly, packaging, warehousing and distribution, whether for manufacturing customers or others who need fulfillment service. For some customers, we receive containers from overseas and provide quality check, sorting and re-packaging.

All productions areas are heated and cooled.

We try to provide an efficient pleasant work environment.

3D Building 2002