Sewing & Stitching Facilities

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We are manufacturers with over 30 years’ experience in sewing and ancillary manufacturing, ISO-9001, TS-16941, ISO-14001, Ford Q1, and Space Contract supplier certified.

We offer the whole spectrum of sewing from light goods to high spec sewing of tough and high tech materials. We appreciate all business, large or small, and have worked with a number of start-ups.

Equipment and process is state of the art, also offering all necessary support services such as design, material sourcing, RF heat sealing, hot air sealing, sonic sealing and cutting, screen printing and embroidery. All product is design digitized and computer cut.

Most of our associates have been with us a long time and provide value that experience brings.

While our experience has been centered on sewing and related manufacturing, we will consider non-sewing manufacturing where our general experience can create value. We have suppliers with plastic, metal and wood expertize who can supply these services, and we are willing to bring non-sewing manufacturing in house when it will benefit our customers.

We do not compete with our customers. We are valued supply partners to them.