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Acetone / Sunnyside Corp.Powell True Value Hardware1303/11/2015
Alcohol Prep PadsMemco100-00131306/6/2014
Spray and Wipe Press WashNazdar240-10021205/27/2015
Polyplast PY Series Screen Printing InkSericol240-00012203/1/2019
Fast Orange Hand CleanerPermatex11010/5/2018
S275 Super Opaque White InkNazdar240-00032202/20/2009
Special S2 Sky Blue 317U Silk Screen InkNazdar240-00052203/27/2003
Systems 2 Gloss Vinyl ThinnerNazdar240-00202205/15/2019
Propane GasAirgas1405/6/2018
S224 Black InkNazdar240-00082205/15/2015
GVYL 802 Opaque White InkSericol240-00022207/15/2010
Hydrogen PeroxidePriority Care2007/21/2015
Special S2 Tree Green 356U InkNazdar240-00132201/13/2011
SPL 2 Sun Gold 1235C InkNazdar240-00143203/9/2012
Systems 2 Series SV Vinyl ThinnerNazdar240-00202205/15/2019
Systems 2 Gloss Retarder S231Nazdar240-00212205/15/2019
Stoko Gel Instant Hand SanitizerDeb USA1306/1/2015
ELT Series InkOne Stroke Inks240-0088, 891103/10/2017
380 Spray AdhesiveCamie Campbell240-00232419/21/2018
S219 Fire Red Silk Screen InkNazdar240-00262205/15/2019
SPL S2 Dark Green Silk Screen InkNazdar240-00272208/20/2018
SPL S2 Lt Green 5807 Silk Screen InkNazdar240-00283208/20/2018
S2 LF12 Medium Yellow InkNazdar240-00332202/20/2009
Visco Minus For ELT Nylon InkOne Stroke Inks240-00917/1/2015
Ink - Sericol Gray/Black SP PY 25999Sericol240-0040
VYL Flat Solvent Based InksSericol240-004222011/11/2010
Vinyl Thinner K37270Sericol240-00432208/5/2015
Charcoal Briquettes

The Clorox Company

S222 Ultra Blue Silk Screen InkNazdar240-00452205/15/2019
Heat Shrinking Tubing

Polymer Plastics

Gorilla GlueGorilla Glue3/22/2017
Special S2 American Lt Mocha InkNazdar240-00532203/20/2003
S221 Peacock Blue InkNazdar240-00542205/15/2019
Special S2 Orange 717C InkNazdar240-005522010/12/2018
Special S2 Gray 453C InkNazdar240-00562202/10/2010
Special S2 Dk Green 574CVC 100% InkNazdar240-00572202/10/2010
Special S2 Dk Green 574CVC 80% InkNazdar240-00582202/10/2010
Special S2 Dk Green 574CVC 55% InkNazdar240-00592202/10/2010
S2 LF13 Emerald Green InkNazdar240-00602202/20/2009
Special S2 Yellow 142C Silk Screen InkNazdar240-00612206/14/2019
Special S2 Red 1805C Silk Screen InkNazdar240-00622202/4/2010
Special S2 Blue 297C Silk Screen InkNazdar240-00632206/14/2019
Special S2 Orange 1595C Silk Screen InkNazdar240-00642206/14/2019
Special S2 CA Metallic Silver Silk Screen InkNazdar240-00652216/14/2019
Special Light Beige 467 Silk Screen InkNazdar240-00662206/14/2019
Special S2 Medium Beige 465 Silk Screen InkNazdar240-00672206/14/2019
Special S2 Powder Blue 2905C Silk Screen InkNazdar240-00682206/14/2019
Special S2 Blue 2925CNazdar240-006922011/29/2011
Special S2 Orange 143CNazdar240-007022011/29/2011
Kiwocol Poly-Plus SNazdar240-05011007/18/2016
Super Kleer Needle Oil

Henderson Sewing

Titebond Wood Glue

Franklin International

Extra Heavy Blockout #10Nazdar240-05101009/15/2015
Estelan B700-05Nazdar240-05152415/3/2001
D-GreaseFranmar Chemical240-05270202/20/2019
D-HazeFranmar Chemical240-05251102/20/2019
Strip-E-DooFranmar Chemical240-05302014/10/2019
Thinner/Fast K18000Sericol240-05481206/11/2015
Sericol Catalyst K45500Sericol240-05492219/23/2014
Universal Flatting PowderNazdar240-05501108/28/2018
Multipurpose Solvent CementHarvey3213/10/2017
Zephyrlon K55512 Series Clear Mixing VehicleSericol240-055222012/17/2012
Medium Flake Metallic Ink AdditiveSericol240-05531229/5/2014
ICC 883 Ink DegradentICC240-05541105/29/2015
3M Citrus Base Cleaner AerosolGraphic Supply240-10402415/21/2018
300 General Purpose AdhesiveCamie Campbell250-00022419/21/2018
Upholstry Adhesive 313B Fast Tack

Camie Campbell

Electro Contact CleanerAGS2402/28/2018
Elmer's Glue-AllStaples1006/2/2016
Enviromax Series Plastisol Ink

One Stroke Inks

Isopropyl AlcoholAirgas1308/6/2018
Mineral Spirits/Paint ThinnerDo-It Center1203/10/2015
Moldex ProtectantGrainger0003/30/2015
Super X Oil Grease & Soil RemoverAlbatross2105/5/2015
Lacquer ThinnerW M Barr2305/21/2017
Liquid FluxOatey3002/19/2015
Oxygen O2Airgas0002/3/2018
Carbon DioxideAirgas1004/25/2017
HealthGuard Anitbacterial Hand SoapMemco1006/12/2012
5100 Thinner RetarderSericol2208/6/2015
Silicone SpraySprayway1405/26/2015
WD-40 / Aerosol

Powell True Value

Lily White Lubricating Machine Oil

Universal Sewing Co.

Tex-X Plus AersolChemtrec2406/9/2015
03044 Dry Lubricant w/PTFECRC2418/15/2011
Mineral Spirits

Spectrum Chemical

3M Fastbond Contact Adhesive 30NFHagemeyer2001/19/2018
Lithium Grease 14oz NLGI Grade 2Grainger1103/28/2012
Pro BowlMemco4118/1/2014
Oil Based Dry Grind Bases

Monarch Color Corp.

Synthetic Compressor OilGrainger1/1/2010
XyleneMcMaster Carr2302/12/2008
Fisher Space PenFisher Spece Pen CoSR805L10012/1/2010
UV Plotter PensFisher Space Pen CoPGB42UV1009/1/2010
Metal Roof Sealant Gray 5JGZ9

Franklin International

Minwax PolyurethaneMIXWAX2205/11/2011
Sanford Roll-On Ink

Sanford Corporation

Stabil Fuel StabilizerGrainger7/17/2013
Contact CementDAP34112/14/2018
Tef-Gel Anti-sieze Lubricant

Ultra Safey Systems

Chain and Cable LubeBalkamp24011/3/2005
Parts Master GL 1-90 Gear Oil Lube

Omni Specialty Packaging

Plumbers Pipe Dope

Anti-Seize Technology

Valvoline Type F Auto Transmission FluidAshland11012/2/2011
76215 Dry Lubrican w/PTFEOsborn2418/15/2011
T-Lube AerosolCertified Labs2404/1/2011
XL Brands Stix Iron AdhesiveBostik1001/18/2012
Ultra/Bond ECO 120MAPEI Corp21012/19/2011
Wallboard Joint CompoundDAP10012/30/2004
Kem Kromik Metal Primer


Powder Brazing Flux 6YU89Selectrode2/1/2005
Soldering Liquid Flux 1UK3Grainger3002/22/2007
2700 Series Aquasafe Ultra Blue 2722 InkNazdar1107/29/2009
Sheetrock All Purpose Joint CompoundUSG1001/1/2011
Wet Set PVC CementHarvey2312/25/2008
Do-It Glass Black Spray PaintDo-It Center2443/4/2002
Purple Primer for PVC PipesDo-It Center2312/25/2008
Charcoal Lighter FluidZecol33/10/2017
Lead Acid Batteries 2UKJ1Grainger3024/14/2012
Titebond Metal Roof Sealant GrayGrainger1116/17/2009
Rosin Core Lead Free SolderGrainger1002/19/2007
Premium Core Lead Free Solder S-9689Grainger1203/23/2011
Zephyrlon 800 white ink K55590Sericol240-05562208/10/2010
Special S2 Cool Gray 2CNazdar240-00712209/10/2012
Special S2 Cool Grey 4CNazdar240-00722209/10/2012
Special S2 AY95/110-PRa Flame RedNazdar240-007422010/24/2012
Special S2 Jeep Cartoon BrownNazdar240-00752203/28/2013
Special S2 7499C TanNazdar240-00762203/28/2013
X_14 Mildew Stain RemoverMeeks2005/6/2013
Special S2 Cool Gray 5CNazdar240-00802209/4/2013
Bonding Agent TP LXS 51066Nazdar/Lanxess240-00793119/4/2013
Series 222 Plastisol InkOne Stroke Inks240-007710/3/2013
DAP Plastic Wood FillerDAP2303/9/2017
DA176 CatalystNazdar240-008333110/3/2013
DA156 Brilliant Blue InkNazdar240-008212010/3/2013
DA112 White InkNazdar240-008112010/3/2013
SW150 Screen Wash DegradentRhinotech240-10081201/10/2014
4500 LaserJet Black Toner C4191A

Hewlett Packard

4500 LaserJet Cyan Toner C4192A

Hewlett Packard

4500 LaserJet Magneta Toner C4193A

Hewlett Packard

4500 LaserJet Yellow Toner C4194A

Hewlett Packard

Brake CleanerCRC Industries24012/29/2017
Printer Black Toner TN460Office Depot1109/14/2007
Printer Drum DR400Office Depot00011/10/2006
4700 LaserJet Black Toner Q5950AOffice Depot1103/11/2009
4700 LaserJet Cyan Toner Q5951AOffice Depot1103/11/2009
4700 LaserJet Magneta Toner Q5953AOffice Depot1103/11/2009
4700 LaserJet Yellow Toner Q5952AOffice Depot1103/11/2009
HL5140 Brother BlackToner TN570Office DepotShipping1109/14/2007
HL5140 Brother Drum DR510Office DepotShipping00011/10/2006
Brother Black Toner TN580Office DepotRec Off1109/14/2007
Brother Drum DR520Office DepotRec Off00011/10/2006
Weller Butane FuelCooper Tool1403/9/2017
3245 Cannon Black Toner GPR-16Clarke OfficeShipping11011/18/2005
Thermal Transfer RibbonUline0003/3/1998
Raid Wasp & Hornet KillerS. C. Johnson2303/9/2017
HP LaserJet Black Toner Q5945AOffice DepotYellivile1107/23/2010
HP LaserJet - Toner CF380AInk TechGforest11010/3/2014
Flexible Poly FoamFuture Foam0008/11/2014
Flex Seal

Swift Responce

Delrin LadderlockDuPont11/22/2018
Polyamide Cosmolon Hook & LoopYKK8/2/2017
ABS Sheet Plastic

Spartech Plastics

Dry PTFE LubeCRC2401/19/2015
Can Do TapeBemis210-00126/29/2021
Polypropylene WebJohn Tucker1/23/2018
Printed Zinc Diecast SliderYKK000
Polyester Zipper ChainYKK010
Fabric/LaceJason MillsExemptExemptExempt
Polyester (Fiber)


Polyvinyl Chloride

Spradling Originals

Polypropylene - Polyclip

J & L Custom Plastic

11000 Series Printing BaseTW Graphics1301/12/2017
Zephyrlon Black K55716Fugi Film240-05462311/27/2017
5100 K67020 Thinner/RetarderFugi Film2208/6/2015
Vinyl Coated FabricHaartz8/10/2009
Felt BindingSuperior FeltExemptExemptExempt10/23/2017
Embroidery Backing 1720 & 2020Midwest Emb.ExemptExemptExempt4/29/2015
Embroidery Backing 3020Midwest Emb.ExemptExemptExempt5/14/2015
B1300 Fiber 1A & B (Boppy)Stein Fibers
Embroidy Thread Polyneon #40Midwest Emb.ExemptExemptExempt5/14/2015
Flexweave BindingARdwyn7/9/2008
76215 Dry LubeOsborn26/5/2015
GM Black StickerWhitlamExemptExemptExempt1/16/2004
76215 Dry Lube W/ PTFEOsborn6/5/2015
Polyester WebTape CraftExemptExemptExempt5/27/2015
1/8" RopeStandard Sales1/5/2000
Nylon Kelly Green Plastisol Screen Printing Ink

International Coating

PackclothPointe Inter.ExemptExemptExempt
DB3- Reflective InsulationReflectix Inc.1104/25/2015
Bonded Polyester Thread

Hayne Surridge

LabelsSouthern Tag1002/21/2018
12pt 1" webbingYKK0105/19/2015
Explanded Vinyl on Jersey KnitUniroyal
Rod-Fibergate Dynaform 1/2" round

U.S. Plastic Corp.

Heat Resistant Latex ThreadFulflex11011/24/2015
.035 white ABSPort Plastics8/21/2018
1/16" Black ABSPort Plastics8/21/2018
Carbon Steel Wire

Ulbrich Percision Wire

Polyester Zipper Chain #2YKKExempt
Polyester Zipper Chain #3YKKExempt
Polyester Zipper Chain #4YKKExempt
Polyester Zipper ChainYKKExempt
Hook and Loop Fastners
Vinyl - Royalty BlackMiss. Polymers7/29/2019
Black Acetal BuckelACW11012/1/2017
Polyester Yarns/Latex rubber (Elastic)Lea & Sachs3/1/2012
PVC Vinyl (regency)

Mississippi Polymers

Polypropylene WebTape Craft1/23/2018
PVC w/Knitted Fabric (wallaby)

Mississippi Polymers

Stainless Steel Wire (ScrewStud)Index Fastners11/12/2008
Thermoplastic Heat Transfer DecalElectrocal110
Alba Wash Hook Cleaner/Lube 11 oz.Albatross8/2/2016
Steel (90deg Hook)

Pacific Coast Spring

Acetal Copolymer (90deg Hook)Volt1105/27/2015
Ames Maximm Roof SealandAmes1004/30/2019
Polyropylene Web (FR)Tape CraftExemptExemptExempt1/23/2018
Twill TapeThe Ribbon Co.LL-TWILLTAPE0100010/3/2014
Bare Extruded Natural RubberRubberFlex6/17/2015
Swab PadsMemco100-001313010/3/2014
Bowl Block DeoderizerEssendant9/14/2016
Lysol Disinfectant

Reckitt Benckiser

Dawn DishwashingP&G11012/20/2011
Hot Shot FoggerChemsico12010/28/2004
Disinfecting WipesClorox1016/1/2007
Off Repellent

Johnson & Son Inc.

Clorox BleachClorox3018/1/2009
Hot Shot Kitchen Bug KillerChemsico12010/18/2010
Brakleen Pro Series Break Parts CleanerCRC3/14/2019
Spic & Span CleanerSpic & Span1009/1/2000
Comet Cleanser

Proctor & Gamble

High Acid Bowl CleanserMEMCO2013/7/2003
ZEP Floor StripperHome Depot22010/9/2007
Ortho Home Defence Max Insect SprayOrtho1006/8/2004
Derma Plus Skin ProtectantDerma Shield0001/11/2012
E-2 Hand Cleanser/SanitizerMemco260-00151003/27/2007
Breakleen Non Chlorinated Low VocCRC2412/29/2017
Pro Bowl 22Memco3003/27/2007
Brother TN-200 TonerBrother9/6/2013
Clear View Glass CleanerMemco2003/28/2007
Brother Toner N-550Brother11/1/2015
Camie 380 Screen Printers AdhesiveCamie211/20/2014
Viru-Bowl Non Acid Bowl CleanerMemco1116/9/2006
3M Citrus Base Cleaner AerosolWalmart2418/4/2010
Bar Keepers Friend Cleaner/PolishWalmart2001/1/2011
K & W Copper Coat Gasket Compound2303/28/2002
Gojo Pumice Hand CleanerGrainger0107/23/2009
9-Volt BatteryGraingerExemptExemptExempt11/6/2003
Lithium Manganese Dioxide BatteriesGraingerExemptExemptExempt1/1/2011
Blow Off Electronics CleanerAGS1002/14/2011
Camie 480 Screen OpenerCamie240-002224/9/2014
SharpieOffice Depot0005/4/2010
Sprayway Anti-Static Spray 955Sprayway1302/10/2011
Safe Step Ice MeltMeeks10010/24/2005
Camie General Purpose Spray AdhesiveCamie27/15/2015
Neutra Air - Air SanitizerOffice Depot1101/16/2008
Wipe Board CleanerOffice DepotAll Sites10010/3/2014
Pens For Wipe BoardOffice DepotAll Sites12010/3/2014
Correction FluidOffice DepotAll Sites02010/3/2014
Stamper Ink PadOffice DepotAll Sites10010/3/2014
Rubber BandsOffice DepotAll Sites10010/3/2014
BatteriesOffice DepotAll Sites00010/3/2014
11,000 series PrintingTW Graphics1301/12/2017
PVC Coated Polyester Fabric

Mississippi Polymers

REEMAY LabelHonda1002/21/2018
Embroidery Lubricant LB5ODIF01112/29/2017
Totally Awesome Cleaner

Awesome Products

Woolite Fabric & Upholstery Foam CleanserBissell1116/12/2015
Wico Thread Lock24011/17/1997
Electrical Parts CleanerAGS2422/12/2016
DAP Contact CementDAP1206/19/2015
EZ Off iron Press Cleaner/Hot Knife

Henderson Sewing

Everbloom Gold Cleaning FulidAlbatross2102/1/2019
Kraft PaperMemco105-0002ExemptExemptExempt
Customer Owned FabricAATAAT-Fabric1000
Customer Owned WebbingAATAAt-Web
Customer Owned Adhesive Tape3M010
Customer Owned InsulationNeoninsulationProdex 5mm010
Customer Owned InsulationNeoninsulationProdex 10mm010
Customer Owned NeopreneNeoninsulationNeo-3.0mm Cr100W-12ExemptExemptExempt
HP LASERJET - Toner CE271AOffice DepotCopy Rm1119/6/2018
HP LASERJET - Toner CE273AOffice DepotCopy Rm11010/19/2018
HP LASERJET - Toner CE272AOffice DepotCopy Rm1109/7/2018
HP LASERJET - Toner CB403AOffice DepotCopy RM1109/7/2018
HP LASERJET - Toner CE270AOffice DepotCopy Rm9/6/2018
Simple Green Stainless Steel CleanerOffice Depot1004/7/2015
Quick Ind Battery Cleaner1003/9/2017
Chain and Cable Lube NAPABalkamp2404/6/2015
Raid Ant & Roach KillerS.C. Johnson2403/9/2017
Krud Kutter1003/9/2017
Clinging BowlMemco8/2014
Concrobium Mold Control

Siamons International

Contouring Roof Fabric/Seam TapeAmes0005/1/2019
RDB1 InsulationReflectix1104/25/2015
2919 DesmodurTW Graphics22112/11/2017
Dull Black ChemicalHaviland060-00278/12/2015
DuPont Tyvek Spunbond PolyethyleneDuPont11/6/2009
E2 Contact CleanerAGS2421/12/2016
Electro Contact CleanerAGS2422/28/2018
ELT Stretch UnderbaseOne Stroke1108/30/2018
ELT-X SeriesOne Stroke1108/30/2018
ELT Zip Fashion powderOne Stroke4/10/2015
ELT Zip Performance PowderOne Stroke0107/10/2015
ELT-S SeriesOne Stroke1108/30/2018
Estelan B700Kiwo6/26/2015
Expert Super EX Mistral XS Cleaning FluidAlbatross2205/8/2015
Extra Heavy BlockoutULANOExemptExemptExempt9/15/2015
Untreated, Dyed, Printed, Coated and Finished Non Vinyl Fabric

Top Value Fabrics

Fast Orange Pumice Lotion Hand CleanerPermatexExemptExemptExempt3/24/2016
Kinney Ax OilFuchsExemptExemptExempt
ELastic Tape Threads Sheeting BandageFulflex11011/24/2015
Gaska Tape ProductsGaskaExemptExemptExempt
S2 Red 186C GCM114262Nazdar2206/11/2016
Granite Cleaner

Standridge Granite

12Exempt 011/24/2015
Guilford FlexwaveGilfordExemptExempt6/27/2014
Bondcote ProductsBondcote0105/4/2020
Spandex/Elastane FiberInvista01011/23/2011
Polyester Filament YarnUNIFI3/8/2000
Fulflex Synthetic ElasticFulflex01011/24/2015
2605 Cartridge Brass GrommetsAurubis7/13/2017
Barbalube FL-62Apollo10012/30/2004
E6030 Water Soluble Embroidery FilmMonosolExemptExemptExempt1/22/2015
Delrin Acetal Resin BucklesDuPont8/29/2018
Light Soda Ash

Manley-Regan Chemicals

Black Permalon

Standard Colors

ND27 Warp Knit FabricApex MillsExemptExemptExempt3/4/2014
Nylon Webbing

Ascend Performance Materials

Performax 4206

Lubrizol Corporation

MTEGRITY Polypropylene WebbingM. Holland1105/15/2014
Medium Yellow S2 Vinyl Screen InkNazdar2206/19/2020
Polyester Polyurethane FoamWm. T. Burnett6/5/2018
Black S2 Vinyl Screen InkNazdar2205/15/2019
StarSurf Wetting AgentStarChem22012/07/2015
Plexene Extra Conc Chelating AgentLanxess2104/15/2005
Shelter-Rite Tarp Fabrics

Seaman Corporation

Vinyl LabelsGSG

Brookwood Laminating

Ink Flattening PowderNazdar240-05511108/28/2018
Super-EX Mistral XS Cleaning FluidAlbatross220
Camie 480 Screen OpenerCamie2209/7/2018
Rubine Red Vinyl Screen InkNazdar240-00382205/15/2019
Rhodamine Red Vinyl Screen InkNazdar240-00462205/15/2019
Solar Yellow Gloss Vinyl Screen InkNazdar240-005222011/13/2021
Compound LogDAP10010/25/2017
Purple K Dry Chemical Fire ExtinguisherAmerex0007/16/2018
Cellosolve Acetate 1073TW Graphics2208/27/2014
Butyl CarbitolTW Graphics2105/26/2021
SR-97Chemical Consultants2001/19/2015
Mixing ClearNazdar2208/17/2018
Underbase GrayPolyOne0006/26/2018
Top Score LBFF BasePolyOne0009/25/2018
Lt Green Vinyl Screen InkNazdar2208/20/2018
Lt Beige Vinyl Screen InkNazdar2206/14/2019
Thinner 90.918 SlowEptainks
All Free and Clear Laundry DetergentAll1004/17/2017
Athletic ReducerOne Stroke110
Chemtool Carb and Choke CleanerBerryman230
Fray Check

Prym Consumer

Pure Guard Motor OilPureGuard01010/14/2021
Grandma's Spot RemoverZafar Products10010/10/2016
Opaque White Silicone Textile InkNazdar1105/31/2015
Catalyst Silicone Textile InkNazdar1107/14/2021
Polyethylene Masterbatch CFl-AM ClearCF Labs8/1/2001
Anti-Seize LubricantPermatx12/27/2008
Equzlizer PC BluePolyOne0006/13/2020
10009PFXHDC HD Clear 2PolyOne0009/25/2018
Purex Liquid Detergent - Free and ClearHenkel4/9/2018
Rust-Oleum Satin ClearRust-Oleum2405/10/2017
Rust-Oleum Flat Matte ClearRust-Oleum24011/6/2018
Primrose Yellow Vinyl Screen InkNazdar2205/15/2019
Super White Lithium GreaseCRC1101/19/2015
Top Bond

Chemical Consultants

TPA-CF White EOEptainks2/13/2019
Thinner for TPAEptainks35/28/2018
Kiwocol PolyPlus SKiwo1004/8/2020
Fast Open 957 Screen OpenerSprayway221/21/2016